Hey Beren (and whomever else wants to chime in),

you mention still being able to get the Deluxe 50th Anniversary Lord of the Rings book from Amazon.co.uk in your Children of Hurin article on TolkienLibrary.com. (Is that enough links for one sentence, you think?)

On Wayne and Christina's website, they say "While working on the Companion and Guide we edited the 50th anniversary edition of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, with the approval of Christopher Tolkien, to ensure the most accurate version to date. This was published in 2004. A new printing, with further corrections and a new, much enlarged index, appeared in 2005." (The emphasis is theirs).

I'm assuming the currently available printings from Amazon are the revised edition. Has anyone bought both, and can compare the copyright statements? Is the 2005 restart with a new numberline and edition statement, or is it a second (or further) printing on the number line and some other edition modification statement?

Just curious. I only have printings of the 2004 edition, myself.