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11 Aug, 2023 (edited)
2023-8-11 9:11:32 AM UTC
For comparison:

5216_64d5fb390f6d8.jpg 827X1300 px
16 Aug, 2023
2023-8-16 5:55:31 PM UTC

northman wrote:

Thank you guys. Uruloke can you post a picture of your Donato Dragon?

Finally getting around to this request 😅

Here's Donato's facebook post where he shared it originally: ... MkNHt98ehvhbHkNVhCCRoPBzl

He's given me permission to use the dragon image - my social media avatars, my T-shirts you may have seen on our YouTube channels, and other personal non-commercial uses.

1_64dd0d2d7bdce.jpeg 800X599 px
16 Aug, 2023
2023-8-16 6:05:38 PM UTC
Thanks for this Urulókë. Looks fantastic TBH. Great to have such a piece that is now very personal for you.

I do own two other Donato paintings. One is from the 90s MECCG, so I guess it is ok to reproduce the card here (as already published). The other is a Tolkien-related painting made quite recently (but I wont post this as I dont think it is published anywhere - happy to send you an image if you are interested).

5216_64dd0fc247a73.jpg 282X400 px
16 Aug, 2023
2023-8-16 7:16:38 PM UTC
In the avatar size I kinda always assumed it was a face with two horns. Now in the full size I can see the dragon.
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