[If anyone notices this new jacketed version could they post news of it in this thread?]

TL. It must be for sure that there are other books coming out this year... For example this year it was 70 years ago that Tolkien published "The Reeve’s Tale" ( Version Prepared for Summer Diversions, Oxford), maybe it would be great to have such a rare piece republished? Farmer Giles of Ham will become 60 this year and would be nice to have in a 'special' edition!

DB. To mark its 60th anniversary, Farmer Giles of Ham - the 50th Anniversary Edition with notes by Hammond & Scull - has been reprinted in hardback with a new jacket - only 500 copies have been printed

Tolkien publications for 2009 by Harper Collins - Q&A with David Brawn (12.02.09)
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