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3 Dutch & Swedish Tolkien LOTR I wish to buy

31 Aug, 2023
2023-8-31 7:06:20 PM UTC

Hey Tolkien folk

New to the page (today, actually)

Eric (me) wants to buy just a few titles of these very Edition/printing specific Foreign Tolkien LOTR books
(well foreign to me that is 😊 )

IF you have any for $ale, please IM/PM me…or alternatively I can be reached at:-

on eBay I’m ericjmz
on Etsy I’m EricjmzRareBooks
on Facebook book boards I’m eric margolis
on Instagram I’m ericjmzrarebooks

…or via email at: [email protected]

Here’s the short list

1. Swedish
The hardcover Swedish Firsts / 1sts from 1959-1961
They MUST be in Original Dust-Jackets
This set here (as well as pictured), in the top row:- ... t_id=46936#forumpost46936

2. Dutch first hardcover 3-in-1 from 1965
…which I know will be called 2nd

This set noted here:-

In de Ban van de Ring. Translated by Max Schuchart. Second, revised printing. Utrecht/Antwerpen: Het Spectrum, 1965. 19.5 x 11.5, 1445 + [3] pp., hardback.

7 pics down / but only 1 book down from the top 😊

3. Dutch first 3 paperbacks from 1965
…which I know will be called 2nd

This set noted here:- ... indebanvandering-list.php

Cor Blok
1445 p.

3, PB

1 pic down
… … …

that’s it; looking to buy

thank you


5704_64f0e4a4bf4cc.png 1500X1208 px
5 Sep, 2023 (edited)
2023-9-5 3:48:32 AM UTC
I sent a reference to the wrong edition.
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