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Swiss Post limited edition Tolkien stamps and postcards with John Howe art

27 Jul, 2023
2023-7-27 12:09:07 PM UTC


On September 1st, POST CH (Swiss Post) is releasing a set of four stamp designs illustrated by John Howe. They are available on a single illustrated sheets of four stamps for each of the four designs, or a set of four postcards (one per design). For the stamp sheets, they can be ordered uncanceled, or canceled on the day of release. They can be pre-ordered now, and are available to ship to most of the world.

John says "I would suggest getting pre-orders in early if you are tempted, they will not last long." ... 0R.%20Tolkien%201892-1973

1_64c25e2c55868.png 1200X1200 px

1_64c25e2c558a4.png 1200X1200 px

1_64c25e2c558d9.png 1200X1200 px

1_64c25e2c5590a.png 1200X1200 px
27 Jul, 2023
2023-7-27 12:48:02 PM UTC
Thanks for posting this.
28 Jul, 2023
2023-7-28 7:12:41 AM UTC
Beautiful! Thanks for the heads-up.
28 Jul, 2023
2023-7-28 7:25:10 AM UTC
Just ordered! Thank you!
6 Sep, 2023 (edited)
2023-9-6 2:36:55 PM UTC
Just in case anyone has ordered these and are waiting (patiently or impatiently) - mine just hit customs in Sweden.
8 Sep, 2023
2023-9-8 4:42:08 PM UTC
Decided on the stamps alone, glad I bought these. They are really quite sweet little trinkets.

4446_64fb4e9c91456.jpg 2565X1804 px

4446_64fb4e9c914c9.jpg 2509X1833 px
9 Sep, 2023
2023-9-9 2:56:25 AM UTC
They look great! I am impatiently waiting for mine
1 Oct, 2023
2023-10-1 8:24:56 AM UTC
1 Oct, 2023
2023-10-1 2:25:18 PM UTC
Would be nice to have those huge mock-ups they were using, ideally signed by Mr Howe 🙂
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