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US 1938 Hobbit Rebind

3 Oct, 2023
2023-10-3 9:10:14 PM UTC

So, I decided to have one of my 3rd state US 1938 Hobbits rebound by a professional. Since I have a number of well preserved 1938 Hobbits with the boards in nice shape, I picked a damaged book for the rebind and chose not to use the original boards.


This being a children’s book, I wanted to capture the look and vibrancy of the 1938 dust jacket in the design. Working with a local book binder, we settled on a theme which echoed the jacket in style and color.


Here’s the final rebind with: full blue leather on the boards, gold lettering on the front/spine/rear, Smaug and Hobbiton images reproduced for the front and rear (reversed from the jacket), gold gilding on the page edges, front and rear paste-down maps set on red leather, and general page cleaning and restoration where necessary.


Additionally, the binder crafted a full leather green storage clamshell (images 9-13) with a similar style…gold lettering and embedded front/rear pictures. (Note that the Raft-elves image on the front was not one of the four color plates in the original US 1938 Hobbit, but it was included in the UK 1937 second impression Hobbit. I very much enjoy this watercolor, so I chose to have it designed in to the clamshell).

3 Oct, 2023
2023-10-3 9:24:56 PM UTC
Truly magnificent! A work of art. Love it!


3 Oct, 2023
2023-10-3 9:27:06 PM UTC
That was certainly worth the wait! It turned out fantastic!
3 Oct, 2023
2023-10-3 9:35:26 PM UTC
They did a fantastic job, and I love the design choices you made.
3 Oct, 2023
2023-10-3 9:42:47 PM UTC
That is really very beautiful. Great work from design to rebinding.
3 Oct, 2023
2023-10-3 9:42:55 PM UTC
The binder made good artistic decisions in the process.

Interesting that the edge gilding was a challenge to adhere she thinks due to the paper and then ordering the right lettering tools took a couple trys.
3 Oct, 2023
2023-10-3 9:56:13 PM UTC
Beautiful Lance.

Also beautiful dust jacket as a bonus.
3 Oct, 2023
2023-10-3 10:21:18 PM UTC
And the book was slightly trimmed. So the rebind is tad smaller…

5090_651c93c44a97d.jpeg 3830X3024 px

5090_651c93c44aa22.jpeg 1716X4032 px

5090_651c93c44aab8.jpeg 2362X3643 px
3 Oct, 2023
2023-10-3 11:05:17 PM UTC
What a fantastic project! Thanks for sharing. This is such a treasure.
3 Oct, 2023
2023-10-3 11:14:51 PM UTC
Thanks for sharing Lance! Absolutely beautiful. A sublime piece of work. It really showcases the care and skill that goes into a great rebind.
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