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Aubusson Tolkien tapestries

31 Oct, 2022 (edited)
2022-10-31 4:18:31 PM UTC

Hi everyone, just back from the Cité de la tapisserie at Aubusson to see the last 2 : Moria's gate and Conversation with Smaug. True masterpieces ! I also bought 5 wonderful posters.

4888_635ff54112138.jpg 4160X3120 px

4888_635ff5411314d.jpg 4160X3120 px

4888_635ff5411429e.jpg 4160X3120 px

4888_635ff95a415fe.jpg 4160X3120 px

4888_635ff95a42612.jpg 4160X3120 px

4888_635ff95a43281.jpg 4160X3120 px

4888_635ff95a4428b.jpg 4160X3120 px

4888_635ff95a44f3e.jpg 4160X3120 px
31 Oct, 2022
2022-10-31 4:24:06 PM UTC
Ooooh, those tapestries look wonderful. I really hope to be able to see them there someday - I did get to see some at the BNF exhibition, but to see them "at home" would be fantastic.

Are the posters available to purchase online? I don't see any sort of shop on their website. Will try to reach out to them to ask.
31 Oct, 2022
2022-10-31 4:33:48 PM UTC
They have an online store but unfortunately they dont sell Tolkien's posters and postcards for purchase online.

I might go there again in a couple of months if you're interested. They should have Smaug and Moria as posters by then.
Will let you know
7 January
2024-1-7 6:29:50 PM UTC
Visited the Louvre-Lens museum in the North of France today - they are running an exhibition called ‘Fantastic Animals’ until next weekend - and to my surprise they had one of the Aubusson tapestries on loan. Very nice to see one of these in real life, beautifully detailed! Pity they did not sell any in the museum shop…!

205_659aecd18c01e.jpeg 4032X3024 px
8 January
2024-1-8 3:59:57 PM UTC
Google translate

The year 2024 will be marked by the exhibition “Aubusson weaves Tolkien. The Woven Adventure” which will celebrate the completion of the hanging. It will be held from June 29 to September 22, in the rooms of the old museum, at the Cultural and Artistic Center of Aubusson (Creuse). ... t-ete-en-creuse_14431996/
8 January
2024-1-8 4:07:43 PM UTC
Also, a catalogue is planned for June, available in 3200 copies (including 1200 in English), for more or less 150 pages and 100 illustrations.
8 January
2024-1-8 4:42:41 PM UTC
Good lord, I obviously need to visit Aubusson (again!)
15 June
2024-6-15 11:08:25 AM UTC
The last two tapestries of this amazing project have been unveiled yesterday.

Beleg finds Findling in Taur-na-Fuin

The Gardens of the Merking's palace

4888_666d761291f55.jpg 1536X2048 px

4888_666d761291fd1.jpg 2040X1536 px

4888_666d761292016.jpg 1341X2048 px

4888_666d761292057.jpg 1875X965 px
15 June
2024-6-15 11:11:58 AM UTC
Those are wonderful. I hope I can get a copy of the book in English ok.
15 June
2024-6-15 11:24:34 AM UTC
I look forward to seeing the unveiling videos on YT!
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