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14 Oct, 2023
2023-10-14 2:46:03 PM UTC
A celebration recording by Rob Inglis. According to the blurb on the rear - seems to have been released in Australia by Allen & Unwin. Unsure if there is a UK equivalent.

11_652aa92b8f1e1.jpg 1505X2008 px

11_652aa92b8f263.jpg 1505X2008 px

11_652aa92b8f2a3.jpg 1505X2008 px
14 Oct, 2023
2023-10-14 6:24:45 PM UTC
That’s nice, not seen one before, thanks for sharing.
15 January (edited)
2024-1-15 11:41:41 PM UTC
Another gift I recently received from Brian Alderson. Mighty fine depiction of “Fire and Water” no artist credit on the poster itself. ["Smaug Destroys Lake Town" by John Howe]

5058_65a5c19b47ce8.jpeg 4032X3024 px
16 January
2024-1-16 6:58:32 AM UTC
These were also limited edition prints signed by John

10_65a6291412838.jpg 6000X4000 px
16 January
2024-1-16 7:27:02 AM UTC
Absolutely wonderful!!
16 January
2024-1-16 1:14:19 PM UTC
I thought it might be John, but wasn't sure and figured one of y'all would tell me. Nice to have a numbered print Trotter.
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