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1 February
2024-2-1 7:35:23 PM UTC

Today I received this wonderful award from the TCG team for the posts I did last year. I cannot thank them enough, it is such an honour. They also sent me a few other items which are also incredible. I would encourage everyone to post about their collections and passions.

4419_65bbf0326fe09.jpeg 3264X2448 px
1 February (edited)
2024-2-1 7:38:00 PM UTC
Richly deserved

We will be looking for nominations for this year's award in October, so post away.
1 February
2024-2-1 7:50:06 PM UTC
That is so cool 😁
1 February
2024-2-1 9:07:13 PM UTC
Congratulations, Andy.
1 February
2024-2-1 10:42:06 PM UTC
Congratulations Andy, very nice award, and well deserved
2 February
2024-2-2 2:29:17 AM UTC
2 February
2024-2-2 5:20:17 AM UTC
Congratulation. Your posts enrich the forum, so thank you!
2 February
2024-2-2 7:11:26 AM UTC
Congratulations, AndyBirdUK !
2 February
2024-2-2 6:54:02 PM UTC
Congratulations! Well-deserved.
2 February
2024-2-2 8:36:49 PM UTC
Lovely :)
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