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By laurel
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Original Pauline Baynes illustrations for sale

24 February (edited)
2024-2-24 12:46:34 PM UTC

I have decided to sell some original Pauline Baynes illustrations.

Pauline was well known for her J.R.R Tolkien and C.S Lewis illustrations but she also illustrated many other books including this one. Published by F.Warne and Co in 1987 the book contained three stories: Little Mouse; Daisy and Double & Habbitrot. The illustrations for one of the stories are for sale here.

Daisy and Double
8 colour illustrations - recounts the adventures of two mischievous twin lambs

All of the picture are 90 x 110mm, no damage. None are signed but all include Pauline's narrative in pencil under each one. I have had them mounted/framed in and oak frame and using museum glass.

The fine detail is absolutely stunning and the pictures really don't do them justice but if anyone wants any more photos please let me know.

So overall a lovely collection of original illustrations by one of the best illustrators in recent times. For the Baynes/Tolkien/Lewis or Potter fan these are a real treasure.

For the purpose of postage I will remove from the frame, divide the mount and post between thick card to avoid breakage unless anyone wishes to collect of course.

Not sure if to spilt yet and would prefer not too so will see if anyone wants to purchase them all first. Let me know if want an individual one as well and can gauge responses.

497_65d9e43b61f7d.jpeg 4032X3024 px

497_65d9e468584c5.jpeg 2555X3923 px

497_65d9e46858544.jpeg 2660X4022 px

497_65d9e4685883e.jpeg 2370X3750 px

497_65d9e468588a0.jpeg 2099X3767 px

497_65d9e468588e2.jpeg 2690X3908 px

497_65d9e4685891c.jpeg 1919X3483 px

497_65d9e4d95d80e.jpeg 2007X3532 px

497_65d9e4d95d887.jpeg 2404X3669 px
24 February
2024-2-24 6:08:41 PM UTC
These are lovely illustrations! I would love to have some original Pauline Baynes art myself at some point, but can't afford any at this time. Best of luck with your sale.
24 February
2024-2-24 9:04:47 PM UTC
These are absolutely charming. Thanks for sharing the photos and good luck with the sale.
26 February
2024-2-26 3:05:14 PM UTC
Thanks guys
There are nice - reluctant sale
26 February (edited)
2024-2-26 3:18:38 PM UTC
This is the eBay listing, we are aware of an issue when clicking on the eBay box, but hopefully that will soon be resolved. Fixed now

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Seller: martin3636cat
Ended Mar 6, 2024
29 February
2024-2-29 9:13:19 AM UTC
This site uses affiliate links for which we may be compensated
Seller: martin3636cat
Ended Mar 27, 2024

Have them on separately now as well 👍
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