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Another Tolkien eBay Letter
By Jlong
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Another Tolkien eBay Letter

Nov 21, 2009

What do you guys think of this one? The ink is blue... ... tible?hash=item2ea94b4cdd

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Nov 22, 2009
Findegil - that's an excellent story, about Rayner Unwin.

Jlong - I suppose you could in turn suggest to the seller that he visits this site.

Nov 22, 2009
A great story Findegil. I liked reading that more than the letter for sure.
I find it such a shame that items like this are around but guess thats what money does for you. I suspect all these letters come from the same source (Chris/Milford connection). No doubt more to follow. I asked question too, await answer with interest.
Nov 26, 2009
Indeed, Findegil wins the Best Wedding Present Ever prize hands down. What a great story...

Dec 2, 2009
Hello all

Another signed item from the same seller - no doubt from same source
and guess what? Blue ink !
Again looks poor to me but posted here just so all aware ... tible?hash=item2ea98cc0e9
Dec 11, 2009
Found another one of those letters with a blue signature. Looks like the other "fakes" to me. ... p?SaleRef=0009&LotRef=450

251_4b21e3ff0b915.jpg 400X542 px
Dec 11, 2009
Hello all ... tible?hash=item439c045ad6

Here is yet another signed items from the same ebay seller highlighted previously- yes in blue ink.

My good nature is still trying to keep an open mind on these letters. I now see the seller has very kindly taken a photo of the watermark - the previous letters did not have the watermark?
Is the date bit looking right?

Any thoughts from you experts, not that i am thinking of bidding- just curoius i guess but they do look ot be getting better!
Dec 11, 2009
And also from the same eBay seller is this allegedly autographed (in blue ink) Return of the King: ... tible?hash=item439c046fb1

The letter supposedly to Mrs Gasch (Pauline Baynes) fits into the known chronology (possibly thanks to Scull and Hammond, not what we meant to enable), but one has to wonder why Tolkien would twice misspell his publisher's name, why Tolkien would be acting as secretary or agent for Allen & Unwin when A&U always wrote this kind of letter themselves, why this should be a typed letter when all of Tolkien's known letters to Pauline (we've handled them) are manuscript, not to mention the usual problems of atypical typewriting, layout, etc., and the curious use of 'finalise' which we expect Tolkien would have considered substandard English.

Once again, it's interesting to look at the seller's other items offered on eBay. These include a questionable T.S. Eliot autograph in the Practical Cats and a tambourine, of all things, supposedly from T.E. Lawrence's home Clouds Hill and autographed by both Lawrence and Winston Churchill. Lots of blue ink, naturally.

Wayne and Christina
Dec 11, 2009
The watermark looks wrong as well to me in the final picture.

According to this article ... erbrandsdouble%20page.pdf

on the Conqueror web site, up until 1970 the watermark had the tower and the words Conqueror and London. London was dropped in 1970, so this paper looks like it may have been made after 1970. The letter is dated 1962.
Dec 11, 2009
One correction to our post this morning: after checking our Pauline Baynes correspondence files, we find that Tolkien sent her at least two typewritten letters. However, the typewriter font, manner of typing, etc. of those certainly genuine letters are distinctly different from the characteristics of the one offered on eBay.

Christina has spent part of the day looking closely at the chronology of the Tolkien-Baynes-Allen & Unwin exchange in 1962, about which we'll have more to say this evening.

Dec 11, 2009
I still have yet to hear of a valid provenance for any of these letters or signed books...
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