A new, cozy-themed Lord of the Rings game is on the way from Wētā Workshop and Private Division. Details are currently scant, but the game does centre on everyone's favourite hairy-footed, hole-dwelling, second-breakfast-eating creatures.

The game's called Tales Of The Shire and was revealed via a brief teaser trailer showing some art work and a logo treatment. The teaser shows a woman watercoloring a picture of a hobbit, on a desk cluttered with tools, artwork, and various plants. She stops watercoloring and leaves the frame. She opens a door off-screen, letting in a breeze, light, and the sounds of children laughing and birds singing. The wind flips the pages of the book, showing more artwork of hobbits and hobbit holes, before it closes and shows the game's logo.

What the game actually is up to speculation, but it's easy to imagine a Story of Seasons/Stardew Valley style farming sim is on the horizon. While the artwork in the teaser depicts hobbits, it's difficult to identify any of them as specific characters from LotR. The teaser does namedrop specific Shire locations like The Green Dragon and Bywater.

Tales Of The Shire is slated to release in 2024 on console and PC. More information will be revealed next year.

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