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Den Hobbit - Luxembourgish new release

10 June (edited)
2024-6-10 9:20:20 PM UTC


Henry Wickens reports that his new translation of The Hobbit into Luxembourgish is now in print and available.

Hardback, more of a collectors' edition than the old, out-of-print paperback. All the maps and runes are translated, as is also (new to this edition) Christopher Tolkien's 1987 Foreword.

10 June
2024-6-10 9:47:42 PM UTC
Wow, really cool that so many languages are getting Hobbits these days. Around 300,000 people speak Luxembourgish in total.

I won't be ordering this one but I hope it sells well. My Welsh Hobbit is on order though.
17 June
2024-6-17 7:43:50 PM UTC
I received my copy today (in the US). It’s a very nice hardback.

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5090_667091da46d02.jpeg 4032X3024 px

5090_667091da46d4b.jpeg 4032X3024 px

5090_667091da46d90.jpeg 4032X3024 px

5090_667091da46dd1.jpeg 4032X3024 px
17 June
2024-6-17 11:25:04 PM UTC
A handsome volume, was hoping for color plates though.
18 June
2024-6-18 6:39:20 AM UTC
It would be insteresting to know the rules for the translation of names the translator used. Luxembourgish is especially close to German and he got obviously inspired by the German translation of Mirkwood --> Düsterwald --> Däischterbesch. But he did not follow the German translation for The Hill --> Der Bühl --> Den Hiwwel, while he did not translate Rivendell at all.
20 June
2024-6-20 10:59:10 PM UTC
My copy arrived today in the US. The typeface is smaller than I like, but overall it's an excellent volume. It's very well-bound with good-quality paper. I'll leave it to others to evaluate the quality of the translation.
20 June
2024-6-20 11:01:43 PM UTC
I've also received mine this week. Not the best packing for overseas shipment, but thankfully nothing too catastrophic happened.
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