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Tolkien collection in UK for sale

11 Apr, 2010
2010-4-11 5:33:50 AM UTC

I've been contacted by someone in the UK who would like to sell their collection (spanning ~1977-1990) - please get in touch with me if you are interested and I will put the two of you together to discuss. Pictures attached below. Descriptions of condition are not mine (having never seen these in person, of course). Collection located in Strood, Kent. Shippable if you are willing to cover costs.

The Book of Lost Tales I
8th impression 1990
Perfect condition.

The Book of Lost TalesII
4th impression 1988
Perfect condition.

The Lays of Beleriand
3rd impression 1986
Perfect condition.

The Shaping of Middle-earth
4th impression 1988
Perfect condition.

The Lost Road and Other Writings
Reprinted 1988
Crease on dust cover.

The Return of the Shadow
1st edition 1988
Perfect condition.

The Treason of Isengard
1st edition 1989
First front page is torn and second blank page missing, but the rest good condition.

The War of the Rings
1st edition 1990.
perfect condition.

The Monsters and the Critics and Other Essays
First edition 1983
Perfect condition.

The Silmarillion
First edition 1977
Perfect condition.

Unfinished Tales
reprinted 1987
Perfect condition.

The Lord of the Rings (1 volume edition with the index and appendices)
don't know what edition
Perfect condition.

The Two Towers
13th impression 1985
Perfect condition.

The Return of King
16th impression 1988
Perfect condition.

The Fellowship of the Ring
20th impression 1990
Perfect condition.

The Hobbit
7th impression 1990
Two front pages ripped but still in book complete with map, but good condition.

Smith of Wootton Major
Perfect condition.

Farmer Giles of Ham
Perfect condition.

The Hobbit (deluxe edition)
Reprinted 1990
All in black case with lovely emblem.

The Lord of the Rings (deluxe edition)
11th impression 1990
Also as above black case with emblem.

The Lord of the Rings (audio cassette collection)
Complete with all 13 cassettes in black hard case, complete with map and casting crew. Perfect condition.

All calenders are in good condition start from 1987 to 1991, 1988 and 1989 come with sleeves. Two copies of 1989.

1_4bc15d8f8936f.jpg 637X800 px

1_4bc15da022d94.jpg 647X800 px

1_4bc15dad05afb.jpg 996X800 px

1_4bc15db8dca83.jpg 627X800 px

1_4bc15dc395fce.jpg 676X800 px

1_4bc15dcf1c0e1.jpg 662X800 px

1_4bc15dd9ac2a6.jpg 640X800 px

1_4bc15de521205.jpg 623X800 px

1_4bc15def76cc6.jpg 626X800 px

1_4bc15df9326c6.jpg 620X800 px

1_4bc15e08bdbde.jpg 640X800 px

1_4bc15e158829e.jpg 565X800 px

1_4bc15e2488511.jpg 629X800 px

1_4bc15e3110d64.jpg 638X800 px

1_4bc15e405a35b.jpg 800X475 px

1_4bc15e54d6ed0.jpg 558X800 px

1_4bc15e6320c18.jpg 582X800 px

1_4bc15e7020b7f.jpg 598X800 px

1_4bc15e7be8e09.jpg 620X800 px

1_4bc15e8ab727d.jpg 1205X800 px

1_4bc15e971bcd6.jpg 925X800 px

1_4bc15ea3a4837.jpg 1115X800 px

1_4bc15eada96c7.jpg 875X800 px

1_4bc15eb96ed5c.jpg 649X800 px

1_4bc15ec86c5d8.jpg 697X800 px

1_4bc15ed39856e.jpg 656X800 px

1_4bc15ee31be1e.jpg 624X800 px

1_4bc15eeec45c8.jpg 800X600 px
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