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7 Feb, 2007
2007-2-7 12:42:54 AM UTC
That is about what i found out before I was told it would not appear... If it happens it will be published it must be ordered through
This site will be much better then the old one, is aimed to be a news source and much more up to date. It will also be used to sell special editions... i hope also lots of contests and giveaways!

Any more questions?
5 Mar, 2007
2007-3-5 6:54:24 PM UTC
There is a photo up on (U.S.A.) of the deluxe edition Children of Hurin. ... collsguid-20&linkCode=osi

I thought it was a bit curious that the Houghton Mifflin version looks a lot like the Harper Collins version. This was not the case with 50th Ann. Lord of the Rings. I wonder what the differences are. For one thing, the price is a lot less. Amazon lists the Houghton version at $47.25 USD, while the Harper Collins UK version is listed currently at £42.00 GBP (or about $80.70 USD).
5 Mar, 2007
2007-3-5 6:59:37 PM UTC
Regarding my last post.... I am not sure that it belongs under this topic, as it has nothing to do with a signed edition. Without starting a new thread, I thought this was the best place for it. Maybe with the release of the new book coming up soon, it is time to start a dedicated thread to the Children of Hurin. It is not often that a new Tolkien book of this magnitude is released!
4 Apr, 2007
2007-4-4 12:49:08 AM UTC
This might not be the right topic for this, but I was wondering if The Children of Húrin was going to be published in the "Black Edition," which looks like this.
All my Tolkien books (The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings) are in this edition and I'd like to keep it that way if possible. No one will probably know this but I thought I'd ask anyway ^^
4 Apr, 2007
2007-4-4 7:00:55 AM UTC
As far as I know this will NOT happen... the large type edition will normally have black or grey covers, but this is to match the other large type editions... but fo now no black paperback edition has been announced.
4 Apr, 2007
2007-4-4 9:50:38 AM UTC
Oh, too bad :( I hope it will be some day ^^
Thanks for the answer ;)
11 Apr, 2007
2007-4-11 10:03:24 PM UTC
Hey Beren and others,

the price is currently £36.00 for the deluxe edition (lower than the £42 quoted earlier in this thread). My order from a few months ago still has the £0.80 each copy.

Any idea what price they are going to charge me? Didn't you negotiate something with Amazon, Beren for exactly this situation?

11 Apr, 2007
2007-4-11 10:14:12 PM UTC
Hey yes, I ordered about ten copies or so... at that incredible low prize. Then wrote to amazon to ask about what would happen, don't want them to charge me for 10 deluxe copies at the full prize... and they garanteed me that the price would stay the same! Once sold at that prize they don't change it.

But the amazon folks are sometimes smart, i did a similar order for the Companion and Guide at 0.98 GBP or something, and the bastards just cancelled it. And if you read their policy they can cancel the sale any moment... let us keep our fingers crossed!
12 Apr, 2007
2007-4-12 7:41:09 PM UTC
I have a copy on order at just 80 pence but am expecting Amazon to cancel it. I am thinking that thousands of people will have pre-ordered at that price!

I will hopefully pick up an Alan Lee signed copy at the Ted Nasmith/Alan Lee exhibition later in the week.
14 Apr, 2007
2007-4-14 5:52:39 PM UTC
I never seem to find those ridiculous prices!

Right now I just have the US and UK Deluxe and hardcover editions ordered, and one of the Alan Lee signed ones pre-ordered (from the exhibition).
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