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22 Aug, 2011
2011-8-22 4:25:10 PM UTC
How does this rate as a lucky find? A first North American edition of "Farmer Giles of Ham" in nice shape with a dust jacket - for $20 usd.
22 Aug, 2011
2011-8-22 5:22:10 PM UTC
Sounds nice to me. Congrats!
22 Aug, 2011
2011-8-22 11:06:50 PM UTC
Nice find, Red. My copy of Farmer Giles I got for about the same a while ago on eBay. On Abebooks, you'd be hard pressed to find a decent copy with the dust jacket for $100.
29 Sep, 2011
2011-9-29 2:19:17 AM UTC
This week's lucky find for me: a reasonably nice issue of

The Microcosm Spring 1923

for under $8.
29 Sep, 2011
2011-9-29 3:46:16 AM UTC
Wow, that is lucky.
29 Sep, 2011
2011-9-29 5:20:59 AM UTC
Wow - I hadn't even heard of that! I *must* read that site more often ...

- wellinghall
29 Sep, 2011
2011-9-29 7:45:07 PM UTC
It's not half bad that TolkienBooks site!
Think the chap who runs it pops his head in here, once in a blue moon...
30 Sep, 2011
2011-9-30 10:11:04 PM UTC
That is a rare find - I wouldn't even have known there was a Tolkien connection - very good!
1 Oct, 2011
2011-10-1 4:03:28 AM UTC
Just thought I'd mention a cool Tolkien association (vaguely) - the previous issue of The Microcosm (Winter 1922, Vol. VII No. 4) contains

E. V. Gordon - The Lay of Attila - pp. 22-25
"The original of this lay is in the collection of Old Norse poetry known as the Elder Edda." (From the intro.)

Gudrun plays a significant role here. "Never has any other lady gone forth in mail to avenge her brothers as she did. The bright queen was the death of three great kings before she died."
2 Oct, 2011
2011-10-2 1:04:31 PM UTC
I wonder if that is the same copy that came through on one of my ABE-Wants emails last week...? I missed out, but it's good to know it has gone to a good home.
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