I am interested in trying to find out quantities for bookplates in the Children of Hurin.

According to Reuters (A spokeswoman for HarperCollins, the British publisher of Tolkien's works, said Christopher had signed 750 copies of the book at his home in France.) http://in.today.reuters.com/news/news ... JONC_0_India-294592-1.xml

In New York 450 were meant to be available, and 50 were meant to be available in London, which totals 500, so 250 are 'missing'. I was at the London signing and I think they actually had about 200 bookplates which leaves 50 for publicity purposes (competitions, etc.).

This should give a more accurate idea of the rarity of these editions, if people agree with these numbers.

In London you could buy both the Deluxe and Ordinary Edition with bookplates in them, was this the same in New York? If so I am suprised that no bookplate Deluxe Editions have yet appeared on Ebay. Also in London, Alan Lee was in most cases (though not in all) signing on the title page and not the bookplate, so Christopher's signature is right at the top of the bookplate, he lelf space for Alan to sign as in the New York bookplates.