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13 Mar, 2007
2007-3-13 8:13:36 AM UTC
Thanks Rowns
13 Mar, 2007
2007-3-13 9:46:50 PM UTC

Thanks for the scans - very useful.
Let us know if Lisa does have some back issues, I would like to get some too.
18 Apr, 2007
2007-4-18 9:56:34 AM UTC

Did you get a reply from Lisa Star?

18 Apr, 2007
2007-4-18 5:29:15 PM UTC
Not yet, unfortunately. I will poll my list of acquaintances to see if someone has a better contact. Sorry!
18 Apr, 2007
2007-4-18 6:40:56 PM UTC
Last year I also emailed Lisa Star for back issues, and she didn't answered neither.
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