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The Hobbit 50th Anniversary

9 Sep, 2023
2023-9-9 6:08:24 AM UTC

I thought this would be an interesting thread, please post pictures of any items that you have for The 50th Anniversary of The Hobbit.

This was over two years, with the Unwin Hyman celebrating in 1987 and HmCo celebrating in 1988.

I'm interested in seeing the variety of what was produced for the anniversary.

10_64fc0bcf8af3b.jpg 6000X4000 px

10_64fc0bcf8b177.jpg 6000X4000 px
9 Sep, 2023
2023-9-9 9:59:21 AM UTC
Those are very cool! I don’t have anything from this anniversary yet.
9 Sep, 2023
2023-9-9 11:46:56 AM UTC
I’m presuming we’ve all got the various 50th anniversary books so I’ll not bother showing them. It seems Trotter, you have a bookmark I don’t have, but I have one you don’t 😆. I’ve the anniversary U.K. booklet you have but not the US one. I know there’s another U.K. one from Blackwells too but that seems not to come up often.
The Rob Inglis programme I’ve only had recently. It folds out to about A3 size.

4965_64fc5b2c7b85c.jpeg 2048X969 px

4965_64fc5b2c7baa4.jpeg 2048X1313 px

4965_64fc5b2c7bae6.jpeg 2048X1430 px

4965_64fc5b2c7bb3e.jpeg 1492X2048 px
9 Sep, 2023
2023-9-9 11:54:35 AM UTC
Very interesting, I notice that the prices on the back of the Allen & Unwin bookmark are in dollars, was this for the Canadian market?

I like the Rob Inglis posters
9 Sep, 2023
2023-9-9 11:58:49 AM UTC
The US was obviously a different publisher, so certain could have been Canadian? I don’t really know.
9 Sep, 2023
2023-9-9 12:41:06 PM UTC
The Blackwell's version of the 50th Anniversary Booklet

11_64fc67d5a1cb1.jpg 1400X1865 px
9 Sep, 2023
2023-9-9 12:47:29 PM UTC
Promotional Folder including Promo DJ and Poster (unsure if this is complete or if there are supposed to be other items in the folder).

11_64fc692bdf96c.jpg 1505X2008 px

11_64fc693ba03b8.jpg 2560X1920 px

11_64fc694745215.jpg 2560X1920 px

11_64fc69505b7b8.jpg 1505X2008 px
9 Sep, 2023
2023-9-9 1:43:43 PM UTC
That’s part but not all of the promotional press kit for the anniversary
It contains a treasure trove of items related to the British 50th Anniversary editions of The Hobbit from his original publishers. Highlights of the set include:A Commemorative Booklet Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of The Hobbit by Brian Alderson, introductory letter from Rayner Unwin, price list, facsimiles of the covers for both the hardback and paper editions, poster depicting Smaug, photocopied letters between Tolkien and his publishers.
But you have the Blackwell booklet anyway.
9 Sep, 2023
2023-9-9 2:11:34 PM UTC
Programme booklet for Bodleian Exhibition & Postcards

11_64fc7ceea61f1.jpg 1410X1880 px

11_64fc7d0c63f20.jpg 1410X1880 px
9 Sep, 2023
2023-9-9 7:32:24 PM UTC
Great stuff in this thread! Seems I have a few things to track down.

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