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Carpenter's Letter #203 (J.R.R. Tolkien to Herbert Schiro, 17 November 1957)

Breaking this out separately as I don't consider these errata, but corrections that can be made to what Carpenter had available. He was working from a transcript printed in Mythlore, not the original letter. These corrections come from the original letter which has since been seen.
  • p. 377 - "There were five wizards and that is just a unique part of history" > "There were five and that is just a unique fact of history" (note: 'wizards' is not in the actual letter here)
  • p. 377 - "That there is no allegory does not" > "That there is no 'allegory' does not"
  • p. 377 - "pride and [illegible] among Elves" > "pride and escapism among Elves"
  • p. 378 - "But I should say, if asked, the tale is not really about" > "But I should say, if asked, that it is not really about"