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Amon Hen Vol. 127

Reprinted by kind permission of The Tolkien Society and Steve Lines - all rights reserved.
  • Cover: Untitled by Steve Lines
  • Editorial by Richard Fraser Overton
  • Advertisement by Malcolm Lindley
  • Education Officer Announcement by Andrew Wells
  • Oxonmoot 1994
  • Silver Jubilee Logo Competition Results by Malcolm Lindley
  • Artwork: First Winning Logo Design by Katy Etherington
  • Behind Glass Doors by Annie Haward
  • Artwork: Saruman by Piers Townley
  • Donald Swann Obituary by Charles Noad
  • Artwork: Second Winning Logo Design by E.R. Cole
  • Drumlins in Arnor by Ian Smalley and Sally Bijl
  • As the Fire Cooled by Jim Lawrence
  • Tolk Folk
  • Reviews by Charles Noad & Andrew Wells
  • A Plate-tectonic Theory for the Drowning of Beleriand by Alex Lewis
  • Artwork: Third Winning Logo Design by R. Bell
  • The Third British Costume Convention by Chris Crawshaw
  • Letters
  • Artwork: Mithrandir by E.R. Cole
  • Mathom by Jason Finch
  • Annie's Allsorts by Annie Haward
  • Calligraphy by Kirsty Beck and Tony Curtis
  • Additional Artwork by Neil Loughran
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