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Olly Boffin and the Pocket Locket

"Olly Boffin is an eccentric hobbit, given to tinkering with gadgets and inventions, but not quite ready for the adventures that await him in the great world. The Pocket Locket is a large golden locket on a silver chain. It bears the monogram “B” and belongs to Frodo Baggins. The attempt to return the Locket to its owner sends Olly Boffin on a trip into the adventure of a lifetime. Aranuial is a mysterious, brooding dark Elf who befriends Olly Boffin while pursing his own quest of vengeance and his first imperative: slay orcs! Also met along the way: the King of the Easterlings, the fighting orcs of Bundabar, a colddrake, a giant named Sigrund, assorted dwarves, Glaurog the Great, prince of dragons, and a fellow who might be a wizard." (From an American Tolkien Society catalog)

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