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Saga of Hrolf Kraki, tr. Stella Mills
By Ulmo
Just can't stay away

Saga of Hrolf Kraki, tr. Stella Mills

Oct 25, 2016

And now for something ephermeral…

Does anyone have this?

Any idea why he stopped selling it?
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Oct 26, 2016
I bought a copy of the Nodens Books reprint while it was still available.

To answer some of the questions:

1) Downplaying Mills?

Aside from some reminiscences about Stella M. Mills' personality, Priscilla Tolkien's Foreword deals almost exclusively with the friendship between Stella Mills and the Tolkien family. As such, the Foreword doesn't include any discussion about Mills' edition of The Saga of Hrolf Kraki.

2) Is there anything offensive?

There are one or two paragraphs in the Foreword that (at least from my reading) are quite obviously the source behind the reaction of the family of Stella Mills. These paragraphs concern some personal matters in the Mills family.
Oct 26, 2016
Thanks for adding some clarification. Sounds like rather an odd foreward.
Sep 18, 2018
Look at this!!

4557_5ba05104ce805.jpg 2922X3900 px

4557_5ba0511123f5e.jpg 1889X2520 px

4557_5ba051198b65c.jpg 2980X2234 px

4557_5ba05121b816a.jpg 3228X2419 px

4557_5ba0512824684.jpg 2849X2136 px

4557_5ba0512ef1fb5.jpg 1563X1172 px

4557_5ba051356975e.jpg 2455X1840 px

4557_5ba0513c597b1.jpg 3132X2347 px

4557_5ba05143406f3.jpg 2764X2073 px
Sep 18, 2018
Nice find! I assume you bought it...
Sep 18, 2018
You betcha. At that price ($29.00), I even ran it past the wife first!

Enjoying the read, too.

I once had a conversation with a Scandinavian fellow (I can’t remember any more details about him), and when it turned to The Hobbit and Beorn, he nodded happily and told me he had grown up on tales of Beorn. That always stuck with me. I knew Beorn had literary antecedents, but the way he put it, the concept that there were more tales of Beorn out there somewhere, really ultimately got me very excited about this book.
Sep 18, 2018
I wonder what the story is behind the copyright dispute. It doesn't seem likely it would be something Doug would have overlooked before publishing. My guess would be that he got permission but upon publication, the estate (who acquired/given a copy), read the foreward, and "withdrew" their support (for its existence generally).
Sep 18, 2018
A nice find, indeed! I am still searching for a copy (original or the reissue)...
Sep 18, 2018
Does "33/3072" mean there were 3072 copies made?
Sep 18, 2018

Ulmo wrote:
Does "33/3072" mean there were 3072 copies made?

I am pretty sure that is a bookseller inventory code, not a publisher's notation. Meaningless except to the person who wrote it.
Sep 19, 2018
Thanks. That makes sense. So 33 is probably 1933.
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