I'm wondering if early printings of this edition were bound in cloth. I have the 6 matching, oversized illustrated volumes (3 LotR, Hobbit, Sil, Foster's Guide) all of which are bound in lovely cloth - except for The Silmarillion. Mine is a 6th printing, bound in cheap blue paper at our favorite Printing Express in Hong Kong. If early printings are cloth-bound, I'd like to find one. TolkienBooks.net interestingly notes that the first printing has a fold-out map and misspells "Naysmith" on the dj.

I'm still working to acquire the 1st illustrated edition with the less common dj that was discussed at length in a previous thread. I believe this was bound in black cloth-covered boards. Would you believe that I've ordered it on Ebay twice from different highly-rated sellers, and both times it's been lost in transit! I'm starting to think there's someone in the postal service collecting these at my expense!