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Fellowship: Question #10 - Favorite Foreign edition cover?

Fellowship: Question #10 - Favorite Foreign edition cover?

Nov 17

As mentioned previously that this was coming... what's your favorite foreign edition cover for a Tolkien book?
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Nov 17
I saw it at the Greisinger museum and knew it was the one.
Nov 18

Urulöké wrote:
LOL, fair enough. We should give that lion a name. 😉

Anything except Aslan
Nov 18
Without any doubt front cover of The Fellowship of the Ring from artist Igor Kordej (first Croatian edition)

2001_5bf15fd4f00d1.jpg 1194X814 px
Nov 18
This German edition is my favourite Hobbit cover.

If you compare the lineaments of Gandalf with the photo you can see similarities: it is Walter Scherf (1920-2010), a German writer and fairytale researcher. He was the translator of The Hobbit. Giving Gandalf his face in the illustrations and the dustwrapper was a Hommage to him.

4779_5bf169c33b98f.jpeg 145X165 px
Nov 18
El Hobito is pretty cool, though Gandalf is a bit odd.

It almost looks like he's wearing knee high women's boots...

Also, what's up with alien Gollum?

251_5bf195530f051.jpg 600X1024 px

251_5bf196653be3e.jpg 714X1024 px
Nov 19
Probably would have went with the Finnish Hobbit but as Urulöké has already posted this one, my next choices would be the 1987 Moldovan and 1975 Bulgarian Hobbits.

11_5bf3214fbea81.jpg 2714X3587 px

11_5bf32212af666.jpg 3974X2793 px
Nov 20
That bottom one's great!
Nov 20
El hobito for me. Love the characters.
Nov 20

Arbor wrote:
Latvian Hobbit

That Bilbo's hair is about what I look like these days!
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