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Jun 11 (edited)

Seller: drkangel247 (156)
Ended Jun 12, 2019
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eBay Item #372684142285

It comes in an air tight frame - phew that's a relief then

10_5cffe86247dc6.jpg 474X382 px
Jun 11
I dared query it
sellers reply.....
Thanks for your opinion. I've had FOUR other places all certify they feel it's original. It's like I always say...five different people will say five different things. And people are only one signs their own name EXACTLY the same every time. Only robots do that. Thank you again for your input. So far, I've spoken to 37 different collectors, and you are the ONLY one feeling as you do.

someone else email him and see if reply the same ?
Jun 11
I have emailed him as well, suspect I will get the same response.
Jun 11
Mmm suspect so
He should say 2 people have challenged it.......
We will see!
Jun 11
Yeesh, that's a horribly fake signature.
Jun 11
Out of Interest, are any members aware of any US copies of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings signed by Tolkien?

I'm thinking he may have signed at least one, though clearly not this item.
Jun 11
I saw a lotr set a while ago, see if i kept a pic
Jun 11
That's a pretty poor fake. Nothing like having to write your third initial twice because you didn't get it right the first time (I actually think it looks like a poor quality pen and done far too slowly, so the ink soaked in). The entire blurb is bizarre and scammy as well.
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