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A Secret Vice paperback edition

3 Jun, 2020 (edited)
2020-6-3 11:56:56 PM UTC

HarperCollins is releasing the paperback version of A Secret Vice - Tolkien on Invented Languages On July 9, 2020.

Dimitra Fimi reports that it incorporates some revisions, including restoring a previously illegible name to the text.

Love the new cover design!

224 pages
ISBN-10: 0008131414
ISBN-13: 978-0008131418

Pre-order now from a variety of booksellers:
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A Secret Vice

HarperCollins (2020T)

£9.99 HarperCollins (Paperback) - Availability: Click to check
$11.56 Blackwell's (paperback) - Availability: Usually dispatched within 7 days
$8.86 Biblio (Paperback) - Availability: Click to check
$12.42 (Paperback) - Availability: Now
£8.99 (Paperback) - Availability: Now
€11.70 (Taschenbuch) - Availability: Now
$9.88 AbeBooks - Availability: Click to check
£8.73 eBay UK - Availability: Click to check

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4 Jun, 2020
2020-6-4 3:36:13 AM UTC
Sweet, had this pre-ordered for a while now from Blackwell's.
4 Jun, 2020
2020-6-4 7:13:47 AM UTC
I hope Dimitra Fimi will published the revisions and the name on her website like H&S, for those who won't or can't buy this new edition.
5 Jun, 2020
2020-6-5 3:43:40 PM UTC
I am hopeful as well, but from what I hear the material is primary (Tolkien’s writings) so the Estate has to give permission.
6 Jun, 2020
2020-6-6 12:35:06 PM UTC

Urulókë wrote:
I am hopeful as well, but from what I hear the material is primary (Tolkien’s writings) so the Estate has to give permission.

I have ordered the paperback but would be very nice to know the revisions.
6 Jun, 2020
2020-6-6 1:49:51 PM UTC
Dimitra did say they were 'minor', so I expect the most notable to be any typos like this, for example, "The cut jumped on the counter" should say "The cat jumped on the counter."
8 Jul, 2020
2020-7-8 8:04:40 PM UTC
Just a reminder that this book is shipping today/tomorrow (depending on your time zone).

Order now from a variety of booksellers - Blackwell's - BookDepository - SpeedyHen
8 Jul, 2020 (edited)
2020-7-8 8:59:42 PM UTC
My copy shipped on the 6th! I'm in Canada, so I'm expecting it to arrive by September.

Untracked UK delivery from being shipped to receiving is at least 3 weeks. Factor in the excess parcels being processed, and covid measures....yeah, by Sept seems likely.
10 Jul, 2020 (edited)
2020-7-10 2:27:30 PM UTC
A small note on the changes to the text was shared by Dimitra (quoting here with her and Andrew's permission):

The corrections are rather minor. A few misreadings have been corrected and a few words that were illegible before we've now managed to read as best as possible. There is a good story about one of these words (it's a name, actually!) which I can now write a blog post about...

I’ll post a link to the blog post when it goes up.
14 Jul, 2020
2020-7-14 5:32:34 PM UTC
Another small tidbit of information - Christopher Tolkien designed the original hardcover for A Secret Vice.

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