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17 Nov, 2021
2021-11-17 2:16:20 AM UTC

Mr. Underhill wrote:

After a cursory search I can find no other "Tolkien Library" copies on the market at the moment besides this one on ebay and the auction set listed here.

$700 USD or thereabouts seems to be the going rate for these currently based on the small number that have come to market in decent shape.

The recent ebay sale for $750
David Miller had a set listed for $750 that sold earlier in the year in very good shape.

They have never been especially common. There have always been sets listed at very high prices on Tolkien Library, mind. I see them sell sub-£200 every now and then for reasonable copies, but right now nothing makes much sense.
7 Feb, 2022
2022-2-7 4:48:37 PM UTC
This guy was offering the Tolkien Library for £750 which is over $1000. I have an unwrapped set I could auction here or on ebay at a better price if anyone is interested.
7 Feb, 2022
2022-2-7 5:11:32 PM UTC
Your best bet is to probably put it on eBay with a Buy it Now price and then post the link in this thread.
7 Feb, 2022
2022-2-7 10:34:08 PM UTC
I would certainly be interested in your unwrapped set.
[email protected]
Kindest regards
Alec Smith.
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