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Jun 15 (edited)
2022/6/15 3:06:53 (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time, London, Dublin, Lisbon, Casablanca, Monrovia
Another possible issue (though it should probably be left unchanged) in UT: Marhwini & Marhari are more likely from Old High German rather than Gothic:
OHG. marh, G. marhs : "horse"
OHG. wini, G. wins: "friend"
OHG. hari, G. harjis: "army"
Note: 1891 Etymological dictionary of the German language lists marh, wini, hari as OHG words, some modern linguists define them as Proto-West Germanic words instead.

Thus I believe Tolkien's idea is to use Gothic (Vidugavia, Vidumavi, Vinitharya), Old High German(Marhwini, Marhari), and Old English (Frumgar, Eorl, Léod) to represent the early, middle, and late periods of the language of the Northmen of Rhovanion. I can find four pieces of evidence:
G. harjis > OHG. hari > OE. here “army, warrior”, as attested in Vinitharya, Marhari, Dúnhere
OHG. wini > OE. wine “friend”, as attested in Marhwini, Forthwin, Fréawine, Goldwine, Elfwine (OE also used wini sometimes, but since Tolkien deliberately used wini-wine contrast, we should understand them as two languages, or two stages of a language)
OHG. marh > OE. mearh “horse”, as attested in Marhwini, Marhari, Mearas.
In the 4 generation lineage Marhari>Marhwini>Forthwini>Frumgar, the eldest Marhari & Marhwini use OHG names, youngest Frumgar uses OE name, and Forthwini is a hybrid: the first part is OE forþ whereas the second part OHG.
Aug 10 (edited)
2022/8/10 15:18:10 (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time, London, Dublin, Lisbon, Casablanca, Monrovia
William Cloud Hicklin's The Chronology of The Lord of the Rings (C) is published a few days ago. And I note some possible issues:

The time format is inconsistent, sometimes converted to American style (eg. 3:30) and sometimes not. The MS always used UK style (3.30).
p82 "17 21". It seems "17" should be crossed out.

Also, I find images of 5 pages of MSS 4/2/18 (pages 3,6,8,9,10), and compared them with the reading in C:
p44 On the bottom of "17 Tu." cell something deleted is unmentioned. The deleted word on "18" cell looks to be more than merely "LQ". Also, I think Tolkien later rejected moving the boxed cell on Jan 18 to Jan 17, by adding bars on the arrow. So it fixes the inconsistency discussed in footnote 53. (RC 360 also says this event is Jan 18)
p54 The deleted words after "At 8 a.m." is unmentioned.
p64 Missing the full stop at the end of "They camp 20 miles or so on way".
p64 "about 35 m. p. day.[89]" p65 "89. 36 miles per day: see note 99.". It should be both "35".
p66 "and camps 30 miles on way." seems to be "and camps 30 miles east on way." in the MS, which is also the reading in RC 542.
p74 The "F. 16" cell has a deleted "LQ" unmentioned in transcription. It might have connection with the rejected LQ on p44.
p117 "with the moonrise and set times adjusted by 30 minutes". From the MS, I think the adjustment is 37 minutes, or approximately 40m/0.5h. It is inappropriate to be approximated to 30m.

Also, I compared the reading in C with the quotes in The Lord of the Rings: A Reader's Companion (3rd ed., RC), and note several tiny differences. Without (or even with) the images it's hard to say which one is correct. Here are them (I have ignored editorial differences such as battlefield/battle field):
RC194: "Glorfindel set out from Rivendell on 9 October." C36 says it's Oct 10, according to footnote 32 Tolkien mistakenly marked it as Oct 9 and then corrected.
RC348: "They pass Gate of Argonath and come to Lake Hithoel (1.30 pm)". C52: "They pass Gate of Argonath and come to Lake Nen Hithoel (1:30 p.m)".
RC360: "Sarn Gebir". C46: "Sarngebir".
RC361: February 23 "The Orcs dismayed, but Grishnákh crosses Anduin and daringly pushes down west shore in pursuit. He believes Coy. is making for Minas Tirith." C53 says this entry was moved to February 24.
RC379: "then need long rest...they can trot ?from 6 mph for about 50 ?miles." C57: "then need a long rest...they can run [?for] 6 mph for about 50 miles."
RC410: "Wormtongue flies to Isengard". C60: "Wormtongue flees to Isengard."
RC455: "Slagmounds". C62: "Slag-mound".
RC484: "see last glimpse of sun". C66: "see last gleam of sun".
RC507: "March 5: 11.30 leaves Dolbaran". C138: "March 5 11.20 leaves Dolbaran"
RC508: "ride 69 miles". C138: "ride 68 miles".
RC508: "Pippin sees moon-rise at 9 pm and". C138: "Pippin sees moon-rise at 9 pm [illeg]".
RC508: ", 176 miles from Edoras". C138 says this sentence is rejected.
RC531: "According to Scheme, on 6 March they left Helm's Deep at about 4.00 p.m.,". C64 says it's "1 pm".
RC538: "slowly by hidden path in lower mountains." C64: "steadily by hidden paths in the mountains,".
RC542: "30 miles east on way". C66 "30 miles on way".
RC587: " reaching Calembel on Ciril.". C66: ". Reaches Calembel on Ciril.".
RC620: "Ring destroyed". C78: "Ring is destroyed".
RC639: "July [10>] 18: Éomer returns from Rohan with picked body of Riders.". C82: "July [10>18>] 17 Éomer returns from Rohan with picked body of Riders.", and footnote 130 says the change 18>17 conflicts the text and Appendix B.
RC653: "Scheme notes that the distance from Weathertop to Bree is ninety-five miles." I can't find this in C.

Update: WCH answered in
Update2: After comparison with the pictures in JRRT: The Art of the Manuscript, I note a few more issues:

p50 their camp on the bank. > their camp on bank. Sauron will not permit > Sauron will not yet permit
p75 Missing the new moon sign Ͻ in "21 W." cell. The 3 ditto marks should be right double quotation marks, intead of left ones.
p82 As you suggested, Tolkien added an emtpy entry "Ͻ 17"[July] above "18" to remind himself of moon phase. I believe he didn't changed "18" to "17". Tolkien did the same thing on the next page, where he didn't cross out the rejected "Ͻ 17"[August], but moved it to a new place to fit the modified timeline. So p82 should have two emtpy entries "Ͻ 17"[July] "Ͻ 17"[August], and "17 21" should have "17" crossed out.
p82 It seems "19 Legolas visits the Caves of Aglarond." is modified from "18" after Tolkien changed Aug. 14 to Aug. 18.
p84 while Gandalf and Celeborn and Galadriel hold converse and council. > while Gandalf [Inserted: Elrond] Celeborn and Galadriel hold converse and council.
N. and W. > [deleted: N. and W.]
p86 They reach Bree on evening of 28. > They reach Bree on evening of 28. (95 miles)
Missing full moon sign before Oct 30.
Nov 2 and 3 are revised from 1 and 2, respectively.
Sep 13 (edited)
2022/9/13 4:45:12 (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time, London, Dublin, Lisbon, Casablanca, Monrovia
I have compared first and current editions of Humphrey Carpenter's Biography, and noted several text revisions. Most are bug fix, but I think 3 of them are mistaken, and need to be changed back to the old versions.

2.III even Ronald, loyal to Father Francis, found it hard to [obey>]follow his guardian’s wishes.

2.IV Madelener > Madlener

2.V Deputy Professor of Comparative [Philosophy >]Philology
Two children were born to them, but both died in [infancy>]childhood.

2.VII That go droning by a-whirring and a-humming. > That warn you with their whirring and their humming.
O! the little tinkling sounds: > O! the little tinkly sounds:
I don't know how Carpenter got his original version of Goblin Feet. The current version in Biography is the same as 1915 Oxford Poetry version.

3.III A third, ‘Glip’, tells of a strange slimy creature who lives beneath the floor of a cave and [has>]his pale luminous eyes. link
Looks like a wrong revision

4.I Tolkien goes into the garden to see how the broad beans are coming [along>]alone. link
Looks like a wrong revision

4.III After the Second World War he restricted this activity to examining regularly for [the Catholic University of Ireland>] various colleges in Ireland,

4.IV Tolkien was amused by this, but he [did not accept any>] accepted few of Lewis’s suggested emendations.

Indeed only by myth-making, only by becoming a ‘sub-creator’ and inventing stories, can Man [ascribe>]aspire to the state of perfection that he knew before the Fall.

6.III [W. H. Auden>] W. A. Auden link
Looks like a wrong revision

Appendix C The original text is abridged to make room for new publications after 1977.

Appendix D As his father’s literary executor he [has been faced>]was faced with the immense task of ordering The Silmarillion for publication.

I've omitted a dozen more trivial grammar edits.
Nov 22 (edited)
2022/11/22 2:53:22 (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time, London, Dublin, Lisbon, Casablanca, Monrovia
I have more elsewhere that I will edit in here, but just spotted this so starting a post for the PoD The History of Middle Earth Index

  • p. 37 entry for Balrog(s) (VII) the Balnog described > the Balrog described
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