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17 Jan, 2023 (edited)
2023-1-17 12:51:07 PM UTC
17 Jan, 2023
2023-1-17 2:02:57 PM UTC
The listing on ebay is mine. I have a 1st impression, and a 2nd impression; I have decided to sell my second impression.
17 Jan, 2023 (edited)
2023-1-17 8:15:36 PM UTC
This is my copy. 2nd impression. A bit tatty but got it for 20€

1207_63c7036a10c69.jpeg 3024X4032 px
25 Jan, 2023
2023-1-25 12:55:16 AM UTC
I have just received the copy of the 2nd impression that Emilien sold to me via Ebay.
5 April
2024-4-5 5:57:44 AM UTC
I also have a 2nd impression 1970 pleasure in reading copy.

It was found in a charity shop in South London by a local librarian and then sold on ebay. There is damage to the spine but the text block and maps are in good nick.

5812_660f928818f77.jpg 3000X4000 px
5 April
2024-4-5 9:13:13 PM UTC
Two of the 2nds are here with me (the 2254.. ebay listing in trotters post, and one not listed, from a local seller).

5478_6610693eeaa9e.jpg 4000X3000 px
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