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17 Mar, 2012
2012-3-17 10:30:55 AM UTC
It looks like a 1st Impression, 2nd State jacket. My notes on the A&U correspondence files don't indicate more than one print run of the 2nd Impression jacket and this had the impression number on the spine.
18 Mar, 2012
2012-3-18 12:14:10 PM UTC
It's been a long, long time since someone successfully sold a complete 1st/1st HoME set on eBay. Andy housed these in some nice DM slipcases too. Price no great surprise, but interesting to note.

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Seller: adcbooks
Ended Mar 18, 2012
This item ended more than 90 days ago
(Winning bid: £1,350.00)
Wonderful set in fine or near fine condition slipcased


18 Mar, 2012
2012-3-18 12:21:02 PM UTC
As you say, worth noting. I believe he has been slowly dropping the price for a while; I certainly saw them at £1,500 before the latest £1,350 listing.

- wellinghall
18 Mar, 2012
2012-3-18 12:31:46 PM UTC
I think (without searching finished auctions) it was listed at about £1650, perhaps a couple of time (maybe more), before he dropped the price; again it might have listed a couple of times.

I think, pretty consistently (again without looking thro' notebooks etc), for the past ten years (on eBay that is) prices for full sets have remained fairly static. On open auctions (sometimes with reserves) bidding has always climbed quite quickly to £1000, before petering out. The price realised feels pretty right.

20 Mar, 2012
2012-3-20 8:58:50 PM UTC
J. R. R. Tolkien - Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - 1925 1st orig DJ Oxford HB

£250.00 (1 Bid)

End Date: Wednesday Mar-21-2012 20:26:27 GMT

21 Mar, 2012
2012-3-21 3:16:52 PM UTC
That DJ is difficult to find in any condition.
21 Mar, 2012
2012-3-21 3:21:07 PM UTC
o well... not trying to find one, since already have that! hehe
21 Mar, 2012
2012-3-21 3:34:44 PM UTC
Me too

- wellinghall
21 Mar, 2012
2012-3-21 5:18:46 PM UTC

What don't you have? ;)
21 Mar, 2012
2012-3-21 7:38:06 PM UTC
I have one, too - in a whole dustwrapper. Note the date at the bottom of the lower cover; April 1925. Nice and precise.

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